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Como funcionará el Festival Solidarity Park online 2020.

The festival aim is to show you the history of the Ciudad de Barcelona, to show the work that has been done with the Solidarity Park project and to get you to participate. In the process we hope you are entertained, learn the history and be inspired to be creative and fight for Solidarity and Internationalism today.
The event will run from the 1st May to the 30th. The 30th May is the 83rd anniversary of the sinking of the Ciudad de Barcelona. On the 30th we hope to bring you a day of activities that will be announced during the month of May.
The idea is that the festival will feel like a quiet walk through a museum with occasional eye opening moments. We want it to be that you can stop to look and go back and have another look. We want to build up slowly a mountain of information. We want you to engage in this history and its relevance for today. We also want you to witness the huge solidarity that has been built around the project and become part of that message.
The festival itself is an art form. So an element of what we do is spontaneous and organic. We have only prepared the idea a few weeks ahead and our activists are all at a distance from each other. If you see a how festival could be improved then tell us.
Here is the how the festival will work.
Each day on our facebook page we will make posts. On our other social media Twitter and Instagram will show highlights. We will use the hastag #Solidaritypark2020. There will be also catch ups of all the content on our website.

These post will include.

Solidarity music playlists by our regular guest DJ’s.

There will be posts on History where we will explain the history of the ciudad de Barcelona and the International brigades themselves and encourage you to be a historian.

We will show you exhibitions of art – Solidarity Park has had the involvement of many artists over the last few years in these posts we will show you that contribution.

We will explain the making of Solidarity Park these posts will celebrate the community participation of the project, the physical aspects of the monument creation and the process of the last 5 years.

Finally Open Mic these posts are where you have your say. We will share video messages, new art and performances.

Please help us by inviting your friends to our page, sharing the posts and engaging in the contents. @solidaritypark
We have much to learn from the history of the International brigades but to do that we must be active and participate with that history, please unite with us in that journey.