Solidarity Park

Memorial campaign for International Brigadistas of the Ciudad de Barcelona


poble nou participates bSolidarity Park is a project of participation. We want you involved in creating the memorial monument, that includes coming to learn the process and help make it.  we are involving young people in the #solidaritystudents1937 in which schools are linking up internationally to create art and learn the history. The students will be directly involved in design aspects of the monument and helping to create it. In addition to that artists across the world are producing images of the unknown brigadistas from the ship ciudad de Barcelona. To pull all this together we also have opened Solidarity Park centre in Malgrat de Mar.  The center will exhibit the art produced in the project, show an historical exhibition and run workshop showing the process and giving access to be involved. Help us keep this open by participating or making a donation. For more information look at the links below.



Student participation in Solidarity Park project

Participació d’estudiants al projecte de Solidarity Park

Schüler*innen machen mit beim Solidarity – Park – Projekt

Participación de estudiantes en el proyecto Solidarity Park

Burjant en la memoria –

4t deso xerrada de lescultor Rob MacDonald –




30516178_10156139841016278_4239202540140363776_nCome and do and International workshop and help build the memorial and learn the process at the same time

Solidarity Park center and gallery – Video


For more information email –

Create art for Solidarity Park

Sofia Wiking, England

Create art for Solidarity park

Crear arte para participar en Solidarity Park


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