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Solidarity Park Community memorial – Relevant for today!

On 30th May 1937, the Ciudad de Barcelona, a ship bringing approximately 300 International brigadistas to the Spanish Civil War, was sunk by a fascist torpedo just off the coast of Malgrat de Mar, Catalonia.

At least 45 lives were lost that day but the true figure is likely to be much higher as the ship sailed in clandestine conditions. Many more of them would have died was it not for actions of the local people of Malgrat on the day, which came hurriedly to the rescue. In this the 80th anniversary please help us remember these heroes and continue the important historical research and build a memorial with community participation.

The brigadists stood for solidarity, liberty and freedom. They were fighting for an equal world for all. In this time when far right intolerance and repression is growing again it is more important than ever that we remember the International brigades for a new generation.

That is why this memorial project at every level promotes community involvement, Internationalism and Solidarity.  This includes International workshops in the actual creation of the works but also a programme of historical study and art creation including design of aspects of the monument with secondary school students. To date 2 local schools in Catalonia are involved in partnership with schools in Germany, England and Australia.

The memorial art work is inspired by the numerous stories that the Brigadistas aboard the sinking ship sang the Internationale created by Artist Rob MacDonald who shares name with one of the deceased brigadistas aboard the ship.

Please help us raise the funds for phase 1 and 2 of the project. Phase 1 is the creation of 60 Brigadista figures these will be mounted on a large stone ship with many features situated in a park on the beach front. Phase 2 of the project is to facilitate the community participation including opening a special workshop for the project in the town of Malgrat. Phase 3 will be the wider installations of the project supported by the local council.

The project has begun but we need more support to make a donation and see basic details go to Campaign page.

More information on website and campaign in 15 Languages

For updates as the project develops join our facebook group, twitter and Istagram

FB Group – Ciudad de Barcelona 1937 Memorial

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Please contact us if you want more information.

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