Solidarity Park

Memorial campaign for International Brigadistas of the Ciudad de Barcelona

Art and Exhibitions gallery – Solidarity Park Festival 2020

Solidarity2020_brig02-01ART GALLERY(1) – Video of Mapped Sculptures Installation of Brigadistas return  first shown in November 2018. 

ART GALLERY(2) – German students Graffiti street art telling story of the International Brigadistas.

ART GALLERY (3) Barcelona artist Jaun Carlos Beneyto Perez and his take on Internationalism and Solidarity.

ART GALLERY (4) – Paintings for Solidarity(4) -To tell a story you must look at it from every side. That’s why this project involves so many artists who all give a unique interpretation of the events of the Ciudad de Barcelona and who the International Brigadistas

ART GALLERY (5) – Imágenes del Solidarity Park – Mayo Online Festival 2020.

ART GALLERY(6) – The people are united – Image by artist David Prendergast



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