Solidarity Park

Memorial campaign for International Brigadistas of the Ciudad de Barcelona

Brigadistas Return, exhibition 3 to 30 November.

Brigadistas Return

Hovin Shally
Hovin Shally

slide show of Art of exhibition

Exhibition in Malgrat del Mar to highlight local and international solidarity in creation of monument to forgotten heroes of the Spanish Civil War

 3rd-30th November 2018. Civic Centre Malgrat del Mar, Carrer del Segre

Inauguration 3rd November.

This November, to mark the 80th anniversary of the departure of the Brigadistas from the Spanish Civil War, Solidarity Park project (see press pack) presents an exhibition in Malgrat del Mar, the same town that witnessed the sinking of the ship ‘Ciudad de Barcelona’ in 1937.

The exhibition is focused on the creation process of the memorial to those who sank or survived the attack those of the local community that came to their rescue.

With artworks showcasing local and international contributions, from schools afar as Germany and Australia, as well as artist’s interpretations of the Brigadistas aboard ‘Ciudad de Barcelona’ that fatal day, ‘Brigadistas Return’ highlights the importance of collaboration in remembering a great historical act of solidarity.

Artist Rob MacDonald will also be showing an installation of the first 30 Brigadistas, which will form part of the finished memorial.

Whereas the permanent monument will depict the Brigadistas aboard the ship, sailing on top of the world as heroes, the installation will show the other side of the story.

An audio-visual piece, the installation portrays the moment when the Brigadistas sang the ‘Internationale’ as the ship sank. It invites the viewers to reflect: ‘would I have stood strong in the face of death and sang in one last act of solidarity?’

With increasingly polarized politics in a rapidly changing world, Solidarity Park strives to set an example of the artist as an agent for change; to stimulate dialogue around critical issues of solidarity and understanding through collaborative art.

“For me, the concept of art is the concept of the process of creating art, not the finished piece. This exhibition is like a snapshot of the process – it’s an important snapshot because it is highlighting the real process of how this monument is being made. At every moment possible we have tried to engage people in the building of this monument, the idea was that I would not go away in secret make something in my workshop and present it.” Rob MacDonald


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