Solidarity Park

Memorial campaign for International Brigadistas of the Ciudad de Barcelona

Community Portholes – Students Invited to design part of memorial


Solidarity Park invites Students between up to the age of 19 years old to send in designs to be added to the finished monument of Solidarity Park.

The final monument that is planned has 60 figures representing the brigadistas. These will be placed on a stone replica boat.  The boat will have stone portholes.  It is these windows which we call community portholes that we want to have carvings designed by young people that depict the wider story of the events of the day and times.

commuinty portholes

In designing for project we hope that the young people will explore the historical events and help tell the story for future generations to learn from.

The designs need to be within a circle of the Diameter of 32cm the image should not exceed 28cm Diameter.  It is eventually planed for at least 10 community portholes.

Students can enter as many designs as they wish and are likely to be shared on social media and promoted at exhibitions.

For more information and to send designs email

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