Solidarity Park

Memorial campaign for International Brigadistas of the Ciudad de Barcelona

Open Mic – Solidarity Park festival May 2020

Solidarity2020_brig04-01Opening event  – 3 Songs from Reclaim the Song

OPEN MIC AREA 1 – Wendy Lewis Niece of Sidney Shosteck International Brigadista from Ciudad de Barcelona – Includes 2 videos about Sidney made by Catalan Students

OPEN MIC AREA (2) Loren – Education worker 

IMG_20200507_155631OPEN MIC AREA (3) – Paul Couchman Surrey UNISON  – Trade Unionist in the project and memorial to Ian MacDonald

OPEN MIC AREA(4) – Mark Newman Son of a Brigadista from Ciudad de Barcelona –
In this video Mark talks about his dad David and what Internationalism and Solidarity meant to him.

OPEN MIC AREA (5) – Los Nadies -This poem is read by Jose Arcenegui from La Voz Ahogada Projecte Escènic (theatre company). Poem originally by Eduardo Galeano.

OPEN MIC AREA (6) – La familia del brigadista Jack Freeman.
Solidarity Park May 2020 Festival online. Con subtítulos en castellano

OPEN MIC Performance (7) – We want something better – Joe Solo
Solidarity Park May 2020 Festival online

Open Mic Area (8) Tales from Holland – creative writing by Graham Allcott –

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