Solidarity Park

Memorial campaign for International Brigadistas of the Ciudad de Barcelona

Solidarity Music – Festival May 2020

Solidarity2020_brig01-01-01SOLIDARITY MUSIC TENT  – Music Selection From John Hird from Euskal Herria

SOLIDARITY MUSIC TENT (2)  Guest DJ  Brune Marion artist from Brussels playing french language music which for her means solidarity and Internationalism.

SOLIDARITY MUSIC TENT (3) Guest DJ  Graham Allcott Musician,Socialist and founder of Think Productive.

SOLIDARITY MUSIC TENT (4)  Our Guest DJ today is Valeria from Italy with a playlist of Italian songs about Solidarity and Internationalism

SOLIDARITY MUSIC TENT (5) Solidarity Park Festival May 2020 0nline
Our guest DJ today is koerian verbesselt is an activist in Belgium, copywriter and music freak?

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