Crear arte para participar en Solidarity Park

Create art for Solidarity park

The Solidarity Park memorial project invites you to create art in the memory of events surrounding the sinking of the ship Ciudad de Barcelona which was sunk of the coast of Malgrat de Mar, Catalonia in the Spanish civil war 1937.

Due to hard work of historians we now know much more about what was a forgotten event. There though still is much more information to uncover.  To date we know for sure that there were 46 fatalities and 115 survivors. This makes a figure of 161. It is estimated that there were 200-300 aboard.  So likely we are missing between 39-139 people.

These International brigadistas were travelling clandestinely against the wishes of their own countries and possibly we will never fully know all the names.

We need to recognise those missing brigadistas as well as survivors and fatalities. In doing that we want to invite all artists to send us portrait images of the unknowns international Brigadistas.

The people of Malgrat rushed to the aid of drowning Brigadistas in their fishing boats and aided them on the beach. These memory’s can be immortalised in the images you produce.

We call on artists local and worldwide to express in your art in whatever style or way you choose that you feel best tells the story of the events of 30 th May 1937

The images will be used in social media to create publicity and at exhibitions. The works will receive full citation of artists and be a great donation to the memorial.

This part of the project is in addition to the actual stone monument and other participatory initiatives which include #solidaritystudents1937 where local and international schools are linking up with historical study and art design. There are also variety of workshops and community Participation events.

Are you interested to participate?  Then contact us and send us your ideas and portraits to

Ideally your images will able to be made to A3 in size and be sent at a high resolution for prints to be made. The type of image is completely open but needs to be in the spirit of the project. Inspiration from historic data and links can be found from