Latest school to join in Moncada, Barcelona.

A key part of the Solidarity Park project has been involving students. Here is a report from the latest school to be involved in Barcelona.

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There was great enthusiasm when the students understood it is up to them to learn the history, to tell the world about story of the Spanish civil war and International brigades of the Ciudad de Barcelona.


94919754_1340437449497796_5918414661295800320_nThe idea is that students turn what they learn into designs of portholes. Some of which we become turned into stone and be part of the Solidarity park monument.

The students were very engaged, one had already some designs. The discussion was also brilliant and many question including “why has this history been forgotten?

Swedish students join those from Australia and Germany who are Internationally involved

This is the 8th school to be involved with the solidarity park project that has now been running for 3 years. We estimate well over 1000 students have been involved in some way over that time. The plan is the schools project will continue after the main monument is built and the portholes will continue to be added. In this way insuring the next generation learn this important history. Unfortunately talks in 4 more schools were postponed due to corona virus.


There will be an exhibition of student porthole design in the online solidarity festival running over all of May from our facebook page.



We still need donations to complete the community and cultural elements of the project so please make a donation if you can.

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