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The Solidarity Park project is calling for artists across the world to participate with us in our online festival on the anniversary of the sinking of the ship the Ciudad de Barcelona. 30th May 2021.

(see www.Solidaritypatk.com)

The ship the Ciudad de Barcelona was bringing people from around the world to fight against facsism in 1937, when a torpedo sank the ship killing many on board. Many reports were given that as the ship went down the Brigadistas aboard could be heard singing the Internationale. A song of internationalism, solidarity and fight for a socialist society. 

This year our festival due to the ongoing pandemic will again be mostly online. Solidarity Park has been a project of participation from the beginning involving 1000’s of people in carving the monument, the schools project and involving many other peoples art. We do this participation because we need to join together and learn the history of the brigadistas which is relevant for today.

This year’s theme is called “singing por solidarity”. We plan to do a big event on the 30th May sharing the work of artists who are in solidarity with our project. So please send in your songs and videos. Solidarity Park is a broad art project we don’t want to just stop at singing or music.  If you want to express your “singing por solidarity” in poetry, theatre, performance or image we would love to share it also. 

The deadline for including your work is May 1st. The festival will be on the 30th May.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you are considering offering us your work. Send to ciudadbcn37@gmail.com

We appreciate every piece of art shown in the festival and we know that exposure does not pay the rent for working artists. We are committed to helping artists across the world organise and come together. For us the humanitarian ideals of the international brigadista is the essence of what art expresses but also for the struggle of the rights of artists to be paid for their work. As Solidarity Park festival grows we hope to firstly meet expenses and then pay participating art workers. 

To help develop this festival this year and beyond we are asking for donations.(Donate Here). If you or your organisation would like to affiliate to our association please contact us at Ciudadbcn37@gmail.com