Solidarity2020_brig04-01(ENG) On this page you can see all the posts that you might have missed during the Solidarity Park online festival. They will be loaded and added soon after they have happened.

There are 5 different sections to the festival to see them we put a link here to each one. Then below that we put the “Catch up” links as they happen . We hope you have enjoyed what you have seen

(Cast) En esta página, puede ver todas las publicaciones que podría haberse perdido durante el festival en línea Solidarity Park. Se cargarán y agregarán poco después de que hayan sucedido. Hay 5 secciones diferentes del festival para verlas, ponemos un enlace aquí para cada una. Luego debajo de eso ponemos los enlaces a medida que suceden. Esperamos que hayas disfrutado lo que has visto




1. Open Mic

2. History Corner

3. The Making of Solidarity Park

4. Art and exhibitions Gallery 

5. Solidarity Music Tent Guest DJ’s

Catch Up…. 

May 1st

IMG_20200504_110132Opening event  – 3 Songs from Reclaim the Song

Open Mic 1 – Wendy Lewis Niece of Sidney Shosteck International Brigadista from Ciudad de Barcelona – Includes 2 videos about Sidney made by Catalan Students

Making of Solidarity Park 1 – When will the Monument be ready 

Solidarity Music Tent 1 – Music Selection From John Hird from Euskal Herria

May 2nd

IMG_20200504_115823HISTORY CORNER (1) – Dreams and Nightmares film by Ciudad de Barcelona Brigadista  Abe Osheroof. Link also includes Student videos on Abe, His last speech and a Biographical article. 

ART GALLERY(1) – Video of Mapped Sculptures Installation of Brigadistas return  first shown in November 2018. 

OPEN MIC AREA (2) Loren – Education worker 

May 3rd

IMG_20200504_115622SOLIDARITY MUSIC TENT (2)  Guest DJ  Brune Marion artist from Brussels playing french language music which for her means solidarity and Internationalism.

MAKING OF SOLIDARITY PARK(2) – Solidarity Park Festival May 2020.
Here we share the first video of the project from 3 years ago where we set out our plans

HISTORY CORNER (2) – Sharing the sources of history – Post on different sites and pages on history of the International Brigadistas

May 4th

German student sART GALLERY(2) – German students Graffiti street art telling story of the International Brigadistas.

OPEN MIC(3) – Paul Couchman Surrey UNISON  – Trade Unionist in the project and memorial to Ian MacDonald

SOLIDARITY MUSIC TENT (3) Guest DJ  Graham Allcott Musician,Socialist and founder of Think Productive.

May 5th

95877188_1923093241157146_1744928908945391616_nMAKING OF SOLIDARITY PARK(3) –  Videos 1,2 and 3 In the workshop making Stone Brigadistas

HISTORY CORNER (3) The International Brigades in 1938 called for a Stone to be laid in memorial of the Ciudad de Barcelona 

ART GALLERY (3) Barcelona artist Jaun Carlos Beneyto Perez and his take on Internationalism and Solidarity.

6th May

95834864_525952911620574_5052863839301795840_nOPEN MIC AREA(3) – Mark Newman Son of a Brigadista from Ciudad de Barcelona –
In this video Mark talks about his dad David and what Internationalism and Solidarity meant to him.

SOLIDARITY MUSIC TENT (4)  Our Guest DJ today is Valeria from Italy with a playlist of Italian songs about Solidarity and Internationalism

MAKING OF SOLIDARITY PARK(4) – This article explains the world map part of the Solidarity Park monument not just what it signifies but also the technical details of how it is made

May 7th

IMG_20200507_155631HISTORY CORNER(4) – The Story of Ronald Liversedge (4) Told in this video made by Catalan students in English involved with the Solidarity Park Project (Subtítulos en español).

ART GALLERY (4) – Paintings for Solidarity(4) -To tell a story you must look at it from every side. That’s why this project involves so many artists who all give a unique interpretation of the events of the Ciudad de Barcelona and who the International Brigadistas

OPEN MIC AREA (4) – Los Nadies -This poem is read by Jose Arcenegui from La Voz Ahogada Projecte Escènic (theatre company). Poem originally by Eduardo Galeano.

May 8

Catch UP / Ponte al día ¿? – @solidaritypark online festival. – Week (1)

May 9

97565260_2957252691054763_5204345360146759680_nSOLIDARITY MUSIC TENT (5) Solidarity Park Festival May 2020 0nline
Our guest DJ today is koerian verbesselt is an activist in Belgium, copywriter and music freak?

History corner (5) – Ciudad de Barcelona – Solidarity Park festival May Online – Versions in Español, Català & English – 

Creado para solidarity Park por @xvbrigadamixta, grupo de recreación histórica. Explica la historia del barco Ciudad de Barcelona y los brigadistas. Utilizando filmaciones e imagenes propias, con la colaboración de alumnos de historia

Created for Solidarity Park by @xvbrigada a spanish civil war re-enactment group. It tells the history of the ship and brigadistas using their own film and photography.

May 10

97360980_2699680546931445_5610270523247296512_nOPEN MIC AREA (6) – La familia del brigadista Jack Freeman.
Solidarity Park May 2020 Festival online. Con subtítulos en castellano

May 11

OPEN MIC Performance (7) – We want something better – Joe Solo
Solidarity Park May 2020 Festival online

May 12

ART GALLERY (5) – Imágenes del Solidarity Park – Mayo Online Festival 2020.

May 13

MAKING OF SOLIDARITY PARK(5) – Solidarity Park Center –  Festival May 2020

May 14

97467469_550961785623311_158346158484226048_nHistory corner (6) The Ciudad de Barcelona – Solidarity Park Festival May 2020 Postcards/ Postal/ Postales – (Cat/Cast/Eng)

May 15

Solidarity Park online festival Mayo 2020
Questions and Answers / Preguntas y Respuestas

May 16

Solidarity Park Festival Online May 2020 – We encourage everyone today to join this facebook group a listen to Joe Solo Album “No Pasaran” played live. 20h UK time

May 17

davART GALLERY(6) – The people are united – Image by artist David Prendergast

Open Mic Area (8) Tales from Holland – creative writing by Graham Allcott –