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Memorial campaign for International Brigadistas of the Ciudad de Barcelona

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Programme Solidarity Park Festival, 2-3 June, 2023

Malgrat de Mar


Space A – Torre de la Viuda de Can Sala Gardens and Municipal Archives. C/ de Mar 63.

Space B – Sala Joaquim Garriga i Riera (Municipal Archives). C/ de Mar 63.

Space C – Ateneu El Rovell C/ de Mar 77.

Space D – Solidarity Park Monument, located on Passeig de Mar, in front of the train station.

Space E – New Crown and Anchor Pub, Plaça de la Ancla, 1.

Friday 2 June – evening and night-time

20.00-21.00. Inauguration of the new Solidarity Park portholes – Space D

Inauguration of four new sculpted portholes on the monument. The designs for these new pieces were chosen from the participants in the design competition for secondary-school students held in 2022. During the ceremony there will be performances of:

  • A dramatised reading by the La Voz Ahogada Proyecto Escénico actors Mireia Clemente and Iván Campillo.
  • Songs from the music collective Brigada Intergeneracional featuring Berni Armstrong and Sergi Danti.

22.00-00.00. Joe Solo concert: “No Pasarán” – Space C

Joe Solo is an award-winning musician, writer, poet, activist and broadcaster from Scarborough, England. Also speaking during the concert will be Joe Francis, from the Hull International Brigades Memorial Group, England, and Duncan Longstaff, son of International Brigade member Johnny Longstaff from Stockton, England.

00.00-02.00. Solidarity Jam Session-Open Mic – Space E

Gathering of different musicians and artists to perform songs about struggle and historical memory.

Saturday 3 June – morning

10.00-14.00 and 17.00-20.00. Historical memory associations market – Space A

There you will find the stalls of various associations that fight to recover historical memory in Spain

10.00-14.00 and 17.00-23.00. Making of Solidarity Park Exhibition – Space C

Permanent exhibition showing how the process of creating the Solidarity Park project has developed over the last five years.

10.00-12.00 and 13.00-14.00. Historical reenactment – Space A

The XV Brigada Mixta reenactment group is dedicated to raising awareness and preserving the memory of the Civil War through dramatisations and battle reenactments. The first part of the morning they will stage a field hospital and recruitment of the Malatesta Column at the beginning of the Civil War. From 13.00 to 14.00 they will be reenacting a confrontation during the May Events in 1937.

10.00-14.00 and 17.00-23.00. “The Ship of Memory” (Art installation made by students) – Space A

“The Ship of Memory”, is an artistic installation created by fourth-year art students at the Institut Martí Pous in Barcelona, the IE Lloret de Mar, the Fonlladosa Schools, the Vedruna School and the Institut Ramon Turró in Malgrat de Mar. The students designed it while working in class on the sinking of the Ciudad de Barcelona and the International Brigades. Some of these designs will be engraved on the Solidarity Park monument during the festival in 2024. At the end of this year’s festival, the installation will begin a tour of the participating schools, starting at the Institut Martí Pous in Barcelona.

10.00-11.00. Talk: “Malgrat de Mar and the defence of the Tordera during the Civil War” – Space B

Joan Garcia, who writes the research and popular history page La Selva 1936, will explain how the defence of Malgrat and the area round Tordera was organised during the Civil War.

11.00-11.30. Inauguration of the Roc Blackblock mural – Space C

The graffiti artist Roc Blackblock will present the mural he has created at the Ateneu El Rovell dedicated to the antifascist fight of the International Brigades.

11.30-13.00. Presentation of the book Voluntarios por la Revolución. La Milicia Internacional del POUM en la Guerra Civil Española, by Andy Durgan – Espacio B

The British historian Andy Durgan, a specialist on the POUM during the Civil War and advisor to Ken Loach on the film Tierra y Libertad, will present his latest book, dedicated to the international volunteers who joined the POUM militias.

14.00-16.00. Communal lunch – Space A

Limited places. To register, send an email to

Saturday 3 June – afternoon/evening

17.00-18.00. Choir workshop open to the public – Space B

Run by Bruno Coffineau who conducts the Toulouse choir Le Cri du Chœur.

Limited places. To register, please send an email to:

18.30-19.30. Presentation and dramatised reading of the book Coratge sota el foc. Dones nord-americanes a la Guerra Civil Espanyola by Helena G. Vancells – Space B

Presentation and reading by the historian Alfonso López Borgoñoz l’Amical de les Brigades Internacionals de Catalunya and the actress Mireia Clemente from La Voz Ahogada Proyecto Escénico.

This book tells the stories of 20 American women who risked their lives in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). As women, their life-saving contributions have often been ignored, minimised or forgotten.

19.45-20.30. Concert by Barcelona Choirs – Space A

Roig Encès – choir formed by members of the CCOO union in Barcelona whose repertoire includes songs that talk about the struggles for freedom, democracy, work and social rights.

Iaio flautas – a choir that emerged as a result of the 15-M Movement. They are fighters who keep the memories alive for the next generation.

20.30-21.30. Evening meal

21.30-23.45. Concert: “Overcoming patriarchy for a dignified life” – Space A

La Brigada Intergenerational is a collective of musicians who have been sharing their creativity since 2013 in the service of the struggle for democratic memory. This concert marks the launch of their 3rd collective album.  Rusó Sala, Maria Joao Moreno, Berni Armstrong, Sergi Danti, Dani Caracola and Kike Ubieto will be taking part.

Joe Solo

Cri du Choeur – choir from Toulouse that performs songs of struggle from all over the world.

00.00-02.00. After Party – Space E

Sunday 4 June

12.00. Assembly and vermouth – Space C

A meeting to say goodbye, reflect on this year’s festival and talk about the 2024 festival.


Space A – Torre de la Viuda de Can Sala Gardens and Municipal Archives. C/ de Mar 63.

Space B – Sala Joaquim Garriga i Riera (Municipal Archives). C/ de Mar 63.

Space C – Ateneu El Rovell C/ de Mar 77.

Space D – Solidarity Park Monument, located on Passeig de Mar, in front of the train station.

Space E – New Crown and Anchor Pub, Plaça de la Ancla, 1.

Education, Memory, Art and the struggle against fascism

The Solidarity Park festival is an artistic and educational project inspired by the history of the Ciudad de Barcelona, a ship carrying international brigaders that was sunk by a Francoist submarine off the coast of Malgrat de Mar on 30 May 1937.

For the 30 May anniversary this year, 120 fourth-year secondary-school students will be taking part in historical memory activities and creating art to commemorate this historical event. These are part of the activities carried out by the Solidarity Park project in secondary schools throughout the year, as historical memory will only last if it is in the hands of young people.

This festival is also a cultural space for antifascists to come together to discuss, plan and enjoy the art of resistance, struggle and democratic memory. We have to learn from each other and create an alternative to the growth of right-wing extremist ideas.

Our aim is to encourage participation and involve as many people as possible in the growth of this festival. To achieve this, we organise regular assemblies that allow people to become active participants in the project. We firmly believe that the International Brigades would want us to honour their memory by fighting for the values they fought for: freedom, internationalism and solidarity. Our mission is to create a world where the despair that breeds the horrors of fascism is eradicated, replacing the greedy, profit-driven system with one that values justice, equality and human dignity.


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